mercredi 18 avril 2012

Street Poison - "Acid Spit" Nex music video !

Street Poison - "Acid Spit"

Acid Spit
They come to our hoods with such smilin’ faces
Same speeches and shakin’ hands
Every 5 years, it starts again
With no solutions: We’re the problem!
You could fly to the US win Oscars in Hollywood
Why don’t you hang like we all really think you should?
It’s nazi-time on your Rolex watches
Covering the walls with your crooked propaganda
OhOh! It’s an acid spit
OhOh! It’s an acid spit that you’re throwing at our lives
OhOh! It’s an acid spit that’s coming out of your lies
Same old circus for ages
Medias infesting people’s heads
So many morons glad to be fooled
Don’t ask no questions just follow their rules
Come with me for a ride through the alleyways
Go see the slums then hear what they have to say
In city of lights, there ain’t no sun
Old country’s blind, it has just begun!