lundi 9 avril 2012

The Detectors has joined the Carnage Family !

Great fuckin news guys!
I'm very proud to welcome THE DETECTORS as new members of the Carnage Family.
I'm a true lover of this band and if you haven't listen to it yet, I suggest you make yourself a favor and please your ears a lil bit.

Influenced by bands such as Bombshell Rocks, Anti-Flag, The Rabble, Voice Of A Generation...these four guys are playing a great street-punk-melo with a real conscience about the world and are engaged for human and animal rights since their debut in 2003.

They released their first demo in 2004 and then appeared on various compilations.

First 7' in 2007 "No Freedom, No Liberty" followed by the album "Twenty-One Days" out  on True Rebel Records.

After lots of gigs all over Europe, they reveal to be an excellent live band who rocks the stage and offer an amazing show everytime.

Their brand new album "Deny" is out since 30.03 still on True Rebel Records, you can check this great music video "Along the Way (feat Chazz Rabble)".
They'll be in Paris this summer for the third strike, this time, they'll share the stage with their very good friends of "We Will Fly" and will be supporting an amazing scottish punk-rock band "The Real McKenzies".

Stay tuned!

The Detectors : Facebook
True Rebel Records : Facebook / Website