lundi 10 septembre 2012


On the 5th of May, The Decline on their way from Rennes to Bordeaux to hit the stage with Street Poison and local bands, realised their van started burning on the highway, forced to stop they left their old van die slowly.

After 8 hours of waiting and a misery day, they finaly arrived around 11PM at the venue to play.
Check the debut show video !

The Decline - "Intro, A Punch in my Head, Always Run" Live at Bordeaux

Then, at 5:51 AM, waisted and tired, we just shooted this video.

 The Decline - "Voiceless Rightless" Acoustic video

NEW SPLIT 7" with Street Poison called "Concrete Seas" out next month on Carnage Punk Rock.
Presales/download start september 21th at