jeudi 31 mai 2012

The Forum Walters, new members of the Carnage Gang !!

After five years of constant touring Europe and the US, sharing the stage with bands such as Dropkick Murphy’s, Bouncing Souls, Swingin’ Utters, the Business, Mad Sin, Street Dogs, etc., Vienna based “the Forum Walters“ are going release their third record "Lederhosenpunk" this summer on Carnage Punk Rock.
Having witnessed the struggle of the workingclass in their travels, their new record narrates stories of social pressure, injustice, drinking problems as well as about the decline of Rock’n’Roll.
As already celebrated in their last two records “Empty Bottles, Sad Truth, Wasted Nights & Rotten Youth” (2008) and “Rejected” (2010), the Forum Walters mix their urban stories with dirty riffs and offbeat guitars, melting their influences to Punkrock - Singalongs.
With “Lederhosenpunk” in their package, the Austrian fourpiece will hit European roads again this summer (/w Joey Briggs and The Liberation Service) to share their new tunes with their evergrowing fanbase all over the world. They will hit Paris on 21.07 at Les Combustibles.

Euro Summer Tour

29.06.2012 Wien, Shelter
30.06.2012 Prague, PopoCafePetl
02.07.2012 Milano, SGA
07.07.2012 Istanbul, Dogzstar
08.07.2012 Bukarest, Club Underworld
09.07.2012 Cluj-Napoca, Gambrinus Pub
13.07.2012 Wangen, JUZ Tonne
14.07.2012 Wunsiedl, JUZ
15.07.2012 Bad Hersfeld, JUZ
17.07.2012 Berlin, Cortina Bob
18.07.2012 Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
19.07.2012 Hamburg, Hafenklang
20.07.2012 Moormerland, Phönix
21.07.2012 Paris, Les Combustibles
22.07.2012 Bonn, Maya Mexican Bar
24.07.2012 Münster, Baracke
26.07.2012 Graz, Club Wakuum
27.07.2012 Amstetten, Darkslide Bar
28.07.2012 Timelkam, Gei Musikclub
03.08.2012 Marseille, O'Bundies
09.08.2012 Deptford, Bird's Nest

More to be announced soon!

The Forum Walters - Lederhosenpunk

Their third album will be out end of June at Carnage Punk Rock, 13 original punk rock shaked with some folk influences and a backing female voice, you can listen via youtube the 1st song of the record : Punkrock Pirates (feat. Joey Briggs).

Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Lederhosenpunk
3. The Good
4. Robin Hood
5. Factory Blues
6. Two-Sided Coin
7. Punkrock Pirates (feat. Joey Briggs)
8. The Bad
9. Emperor's New Clothes
10. Dead & Gone
11. One Step, Two Steps
12. Alone
13. The Out Of Control

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