mardi 20 mars 2012


Started in 2011, the guys from Carnage Austria are now one of the main promoters in Austria for Punk Rock-/Rock'n'Roll-shows.
Pete & Andi, both from 21 STORIES (Austrian Carnage Punx), share the idea of Carnage all over Austria with making concerts, sharing Carnage-Merch (shirts, CDs, buttons, stickers,...) on shows and work together very successfully with their media-partners from .

They built up a network of musicians in Austria and Souther Germany and support other Austrian Bands, helping them to share the stage with great bands such as Reno Divorce, Have Nots, Angel City Outcasts, Radio Dead Ones and many more.

The 21stories-crew support the guys wherever they can and Carnage Austria is proud of having such an amazing crew!
Although the whole thing started only some months ago, there are already several highlights to mention, like the very first Carnage-Austria-show with RENO DIVORCE in Vienna, which was absolutely amazing (especially the aftershow-party, cause the show took place 2 days after Pete's birthday;)) or the Halloween-show at the famous Arena in Vienna with Berlin City Rockers RADIO DEAD ONES and the 2 french Carnage Bands STREET POISON and THE DECLINE!

And this was only the beginning!

If you want to contact the guys for any concerns (shows, merchandize,...) just write them:

Up the Carnage Family all over the world!!!