vendredi 30 septembre 2011



21/10 : F - Shaka Laka - HAZEBROUCK : Event
22/10 : BEL -Garcia Lorca - BRUXELLES
23/10 : BEL - Péniche Inside out - LIEGE : Event
24/10 : HELP US (Germany)
25/10 : HELP US (Germany)
26/10 : GER - Kopi - BERLIN
27/10 : GER - Lolabar -LEIPZIG
28/10 : CZ - klub 007 - PRAHA : Event
29/10 : HELP US (Czech Republic)
30/10 : CZ tbc
31/10 : AUT - Arena -VIENNA : Event
01/11 : SLO - Tovarna rog - LJUBLJANA
02/11 : HELP US (Austria, Germany, Slovenia)
03/11 : GER - REGENSBURG : Event

05/11 : HELP US (France)

The Decline ! was born in 2009 in Rennes (Britanny, France), when former members of punk-rock band Nevrotic Explosion decided to built a new project, including more influences to their powerful music. On purpose, musicians from other musical horizons joined them to form this five piece band.
Their first EP, « An old indian cemetery », released in the middle of 2010, shows what it is all about : genuine punk-rock music with a folk and country flavour. You’ll think about Social Distorsion, Bad Religion, Rancid and The Generators but be sure you’ll also think about Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and The Pogues.
On stage, their songs about city life, unhappy love stories and still being human in this unhuman world are played as they should be : with high energy and style. They Share the stage with The Adolescents, Peter and the test tube babies, Human Alert, Roger Miret and the disaster, Civet, Born To Lose, Inner Terrestrial, The Peacocks and many more.. New LP will be release in September !

Straight from the ghetto of Paris, STREET POISON formed in 2009.
The 4 members come from the bad ska band Edge Up, but also for two of them, from Salvation City Rockers.
STREET POISON, it's the energy of californian punk rock, the power of New York hardcore, all this mixed up with the rawness of the Paris ghetto.
In september 2010, their first 13 titles album comes out, recorded at Nuoc Mam studios and signed on the label CARNAGE PUNK ROCK, whom the guitarist is part of.
Not to miss on the album, a featuring with Born To Lose from Texas, recorded in Paris.
But STREET POISON is before all a live band, an uncomparable intensity and a real mastery of the stage, leading them to earn a solid fan base and a very faithful audience.
They already shared the stage with big names such as Agnostic Front, Devil's Brigade, Civet, Born To Lose, Pipes and Pints, H2O, Star Fucking Hipsters, Youth Brigade and many more.
Armed with its success and experience, STREET POISON will be on the road in 2011, in France and throughout Europe.